Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing the Ssamzie Market

It has been 3 months now since I came back to Iowa. I still sometimes start my sentences out with, "When I was in Korea," but for the most part, things have gotten pretty much back to normal around here. I am happy to be home and happy I no longer have to endure racism, my wacked out Korean American prick head teacher, or any of the other bullshit involved with living somewhere unfamiliar where you just don't fit in!

I do, however, miss the shopping in Korea!!! I miss taking weekend trips alone into Seoul to explore what I wanted to explore and to take my time and get lost and make discoveries along the way. One of my favorite places to go was the Insadong Market on Sunday afternoons. It is a total tourist trap but also completely awesome! I especially enjoyed Ssamzie Market, the artsy center where I coveted all of the awesome stuff in the boutiques.

Ssamzie Market has tons of DIY crafted items, jewelry, and even an Ana Sui Boutique. One of my favorite vendors was this amazing girl who did miniature dioramas of Seoul cityscapes and little Korean rooms. Soooo awesome! I am kicking myself for not picking up her book while I was there. Why was I such a cheapskate? Darn it!

Dalki is well loved in Korea and is kind of the Strawberry Shortcake of the country. I think she looks kind of mean and angry but I guess cute at the same time. This little vendor was making strawberry smoothies and little Dalki inspired treats.

Well, I hope someday I will get to go back and take a trip purely for pleasure so that I can re-visit all of the places I loved so dearly!