Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Distro

I am thinking I should start a distro for cute things from Korea to America. I think that if I could get them shipped cheaply, I should have absolutely no problem selling them for a much higher price back in the states. Everything here in Korea is sooo cute and actually a good deal different than most of the other products you can get back in the U.S. I think of websites like Fred Flare and Urban Outfitters that sell things even remotely close to the stuff they have in Korea and I feel like I could make some money here! In the mean time, I photographed some things I have had around the house to prove my point.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ooooh! New Glasses!

Look! I got new glasses! Yay!

I was happy to find a pair of frames that seem comfortable and fit my face and getting glasses made here is quick and easy. I just picked out a pair a cute pair and the price on the frames included everything. They put your old glasses in a machine that reads the prescription and your new glasses are ready in about 10 minutes. Simple as that! I chose one of the expensive pairs at the store and it still only ended up costing me $80 bucks. Sounds like I will be getting more cute frames here in the recent future:)

Also, I am modeling my incredible necklace that I made this weekend at the Kid Robot store. My kids have been going nuts for this necklace and so have I for that matter! The kids love playing with them and one of the charms is glow-in-the-dark, which is AMAZING to them!

It is getting cold as hell here and I need to stock up on winter things such as sweaters, a coat, mittens, scarves, a hat, and boots. Unfortunately, I am an ungodly huge beast of a woman compared to the cutesy-wootsie little bitty Koreans and as a result, pretty much nothing fits me here. All I really want is a winter coat! Sheesh! Nothing makes you feel like more of a hideous freak than having the trendy storekeepers snicker at you as you pointlessly try on sweaters that would never fit over your huge man-like shoulders. I did not have this problem back home so I can't help but to feel akward about the whole stuff not fitting EVER situation. Sigh.

And my job has been crazy busy to the point where I didn't get to eat lunch or take much of a break all day. I am as hardworking as the next person but I cannot help but to feel a bit frustrated at the end of the day. Just as I get one thing done, its like "Oh yeah, now could you just do this and that?" Guess that's why they call it work, right?!?! This week, we have the monthly tests, a Halloween party and festivities, and I have to do more stuff with the crazy play that my preschoolers are performing. I just need to psych myself up that its already Wednesday so I am practically almost finished with the week!

Now if I can just figure out what to be for Halloween......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Kid Robot and Dunny Toys Galore!!!!!

Oh goodie! Oh fun! I am sooo overjoyed to buy tons of Kid Robot toys at Kinki Robot in Hongdae. I spent more money on toys than the average adult should but whatever. The Korean Won is down so low that I might as well spend a nice wad of cash over here. The exchange rate is down to the point where I could be flipping burgers back home at McDonalds and making more. Eh. Whatever. I guess having a good time is ok too!


Ahhhh! Giant squid! Only in Korea, right? I wanted to take these little guys home but I knew I had to protect myself from their tentacles of destruction.

Which meant a trip to CONDOMANIA came in handy!!!!! Seriously, must even the condoms in Korea be cute? Look at the cute little pink girl condom with the bow in her hair! I love it!

Weeeee! Some nutty chicken on a sign.

Careful for the Roos crossing.

Blue men in the street doing lord only knows what.

Some tunnel grafitti.

Crazy totem pole man.

Elvis? Is that you? What you doing all the way up there?

Pretty red lanterns hanging from the front.

I want to live here! How pretty!

Green Galbi for Clarence's Birthday

Green Galbi for Clarence's Birthday. Most of my dining experience was spent watching my drunken coworker Aram act a fool. Ohhhhh, goodness!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clarence Teeeecha's Birthday at Exit

Going to Exit is always a good ol' time here in Suji. Instead of crappy Korean music, you can listen to crappy American music. And instead of dancing with a bunch of self-conscious 2-stepping Koreans, you get to dance with a bunch of inebriated Westerners who could make Britney Spears blush with thier moves.

In honor of Clarence's birthday (some age over 30 I think), we all drank and got merry at the white people bar in Suji. Special thanks to Lindsay for making the bar look festive as hell with all of the balloons and party hats and whatnot. I must say, we all had a fantastic time!

Elenor and I snuggling up.

E.V. and I looking fantastic earlier in the night.

Me feeding my balloon boyfriend a Budweiser.

Clarence looking down lovingly at his baby.

Lindsay is happy to pose with my new friend!

The parrrr-tay crew.

Wooo! Hoooo! Party favors galore!

Lindsay looking rad with her blue party favor and blue balloons.

Larry, its not your birthday!

Katie and Sydney getting down.

Bring it on, John!!!

John and Suyeon playing around.

Elenor and I hanging out again.

Looking pretty together.


Oh boy!!!!

The guys getting tipsy!

Grace and Jay hanging out.

The aftermath.