Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boiling Water

I have been sick. Like super sick. Apparently I have an Upper Respiratory Infection... Like some tonsillitis and bronchitis and all that good stuff. Some sort of Asian flu that makes you feel as if your old bones are aching out of your body and every breath feels strained and rattled.

Yesterday I went to the doctor to get some medicine and boy do they every like to give you pills here! I have 7 pills I am supposed to take 3 times per day and cough syrup 4 times per day. Totally nuts!

Today, I tried to work in the morning but ended up failing miserably and ended up back home in bed getting rest. In order to beat the terrible dryness of my apartment, my mom suggested boiling pots of water. Ahhhh. Relief! The rattle in my chest is no more and I can breath with ease. It feels almost like Iowa summer in here:)

I sure hope I get better soon!