Monday, March 23, 2009

Leaving on a Big Airplane

The flight was crazy, but most bargain multi-stop flights are, I think. I flew with Northwest Airlines from Incheon to Tokyo/Narita followed by and 8 hour flight to Seattle. When I arrived stateside, it was foggy and snowing. Naturally, my next flight had been canceled. One of the United ladies took pity on my soul and hooked me up with a flight to Denver and the connecting flight to Chicago. When I arrived in Chicago, I was dazed but only about 2 hours behind scheduled arrival time. Not too bad. To my pure amazement, Will and his sister were waiting at the gate and my luggage rolled down the line in good time!

Pure luck. I could kiss the ground when I finally touched solid ground again!!!!

Northwest Airlines buddying up with Korean Air.

The closest I have ever been to Tokyo!

The Japanese style lunches served on the flight to Tokyo/Narita.