Saturday, July 26, 2008

Packing Up to Leave

I am starting this blog as I pack up to leave Iowa for the first extended period in my life! Isn't that crazy? I guess I am a bit of a country girl at heart! My move is taking me not to Illinois or Minnesota, or anywhere in the states for that matter. Instead, I will be moving to South Korea in a short matter of time to teach English!

Right now, I am sitting pretty on my already packed suitcase waiting for my Visa number to come through. Apparently the Korean Embassy or the Consulate is backed up, probably with all of the teachers trying to get to Korea for the start of the school year in August! I am sure my number will come soon enough but still- I am antsy to go! All of the nervousness and anxiety I had before has turned into excitement, as I am sure to have many great experiences this year in my travels abroad. Come on already, Visa #, get here!!!!

In any case, my parents and I decided to go ahead and have my going away party this Sunday. It will be nice to see everybody one last time before I ship off for a year. You can all bring me money, gifts, and good luck charms if you would like. You can also bring food and booze and show me a good time and I think I would be pretty happy getting just that! There, I will give everyone the address to my school so they can send me postcards and mail if they want. I am pretty sure Korea has most everything America has, but I will be missing all of you so!

Well, hope to see everyone there this weekend! For those of you in Iowa City, we seriously need to go out for a drink before I head out! Get me drunk before I go! Ha ha!