Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flying on Korean Air

I thought I would post some pictures from my flight on Korean Air. Korean Air was sooo nice! The flight attendants were incredibly pretty, always had a smile on their face, and super helpful. The food on the plane was pretty decent, and everyone also got a little eye mask to help you sleep, teal socks incase you got cold, a little toothbrush and tooth paste, a pillow and blanket, and all the soda and juice you could drink:) I guess they figure if you are going to be in the air for 14 hours, they might as well make you comfortable.

Korean Air.... Gotta love the teal color scheme and what a big plane!

I had a great view of the wings outside of my window.

We are up high enough that you can see the arc of the earth in the background. Amazing!

The clouds and blue water were so incredibly beautiful.