Sunday, August 3, 2008

Moving Outta Aber/Self-Portraits in Black and White

Will and I moved out of our apartment together on Aber Avenue in Iowa City. The last few days there were gritty, hot, and exhausting. Boxes were packed and hauled and the place had to be scrubbed clean from head to toe. In the grand tradition of moving out, we made the best of the last night by drinking the remaining beer and champagne from the refrigerator. Will's new place was not ready to move into for a day or two so our stuff had to be hauled and stored in a friend's garage. We were homeless for a few days! Luckily, we were only displaced for one night and were able to stay at Will's friend's house. The new place is a very nice, newer duplex in Coralville. After helping Will move in, we celebrated a little on Friday night by joining a few friends on their porch and kicking back a few beers. Perfect summer night.

Today, I was very excited to receive an email from my recruiter with my visa number. Will and I will be taking a trip to Chicago in a few days to visit the Korean Consulate and getting my passport stamped. Everything is finally coming all together! Just think, one week from now I will more than likely be in South Korea!!!

(The self portraits I included here were taken on our last night in the Aber Avenue apartment. Moving is such a transitional time in one's life and I felt a few honest black and white photos were in due order to commemorate the occasion.)