Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Apartment

I love my new apartment!

A view of my apartment building from out front. I think these buildings look a bit European.

A view of the high rise apartments behind my house.

The super convenient corner store right next to my apartment.

Here is my super comfie queen sized bed. Sooo Ikea style, don't you think?

My TV, desk, and clothing shelves. I am thankful I brought the colorful fabric, as seen in the background. Always makes me feel at home!

My clean, white bathroom

My cute stuff always makes me feel at home, and I feel right at home here in Korea with all of the pink and cute stuff.

Here is what $20 worth of stuff at Daiso looks like. Gotta love that place!!!

The view of my apartment as I enter into the front door. I really like my rabbit trash can.

My tiny kitchen gets the job done, as if I would actually cook anything in it! Eating out is the way to save money here.