Sunday, August 24, 2008

Korea, Land of Cute Things

One of the things that makes me more happy than anything else in the entire world is cute things, with inexpensive things being a close second. (Yeah, yeah, yeah- Love and family and friends are up there on the happy list too.) So this blog is for all of the cute, cheap stuff that I have picked up in Korea that makes me very happy. Enjoy!

Cute little Guy on a key chain from an uber DIY hip store in Insadong- $6 (I splurged, as I just had to have him...)

Pink welcome to my lovely house bear tote, only $1.80 - I use this for my groceries and whatnot.

Skin food is my new favorite cosmetic and skin care line!!! Fantastic products and amazing quality at a dirt cheap price. You can't beat that! Check it out- just click on the link up top that sets the site to English. The concept behind Skin Food is that natural products and extracts from food nurish the skin and guarantee a low price. Can't beat that! Their makeup is especially great- very highly pigmented and quality. The eye shadows are like $3.50 each. I am in heaven!

At last, I have found the world's cutest stickers!!!! These little sushi guys are the cutest thing:) $0.50 cents

Froggie stickers.... Sooo cute!

Ahhh, my green and purple watch. Finally, I will be able to tell what time it is! I should have bargained down the guy but whatever, this watch is pretty kick ass for $10 bucks, right? In the background, you can also see the white blanket I got for $10 as well. I needed another blanket at night and this one was soo retro looking with the pink, orange, and green flowers.

I know I would be happy if I were a fruit, right?

I feel like such a lame-o buying Hello Kitty here but it really is everywhere and soooo dirt cheap so I can't resist. Why eat from a plain bowl when I can get an adorably pink and cute bowl for the same price? Any of the items you see here I got from Daiso for $1 or $2 bucks. Can't beat that!

Junk food! My favorite sticker on this page is the Chicken McNuggets. Mmmmmm, nuggets!

Chicken and egg stickers, cause I like to know the things I eat are cute too.
Cupcake and sweets stickers. Oh my, how sweet these stickers are!

Cute school supplies are a must, since I am a teacher now, right? I loaded up on cute floral tacks for my bulletin board, pencils galore, a rainbow assortment of pens, and a happy metal and glass canister. The pencil case was dumpster dived from a pile near the trash. Koreans like to throw away EVERYTHING, so instead of having thrift stores here, I get to go through the trash for treasures.

Dunkin Donut stickers, cause Koreans like their American donuts. Yum! Yum!