Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nightclubbing for New Years

Here are a few cute photos of Will and I from New Year's Eve 2008. We headed into Seoul and hit Club Mass in Gangnam so we could people watch rich and gorgeous Koreans and watch in agony as fellow foreigners showed up looking haggard and homely. There really is no comparison between a hot Korean girl and the average American or Canadian girl. The Korean girl is always a million times hotter, hands down. Soooo well dressed, very skinny, great hair, always in heels, and just really well put together. It was funny watching the ugly foreigner guys try and strike out time and time again in their attempts to get a Korean girl. They just weren't having it!

So anyhow, here is Will and I trying our best to look presentable in the midst of all of these awe-inspiring beauties. Sigh.