Monday, September 22, 2008

Delicious Food, Dude!

The food in Korea is glorious. The snacks are all cute as hell, sugary, cheap, and delicious. The cola chews are awesome! They are like 30 cents and those little cute cookies with the chocolate filling are my all time favorite. Hell yes.
Here is the cute bento box or whatever that I got from Daiso for $2. It has little compartments inside. I was inspired enough to cook some lunch to put into it.
How yum does this lunch look? Can you beleive I cooked this all by myself? I am normally a really terrible cook. Something magical is happening here and I am starting to wonder if I am part Asian somewhere far down the line genetically.
On the top left we have spicy tofu, in the center, sauted mushrooms, and kimchi on the top right. On the bottom left you will see fried tofu, sauted garlic, and kimchi spiced pork. I take a little lettuce leaf and put some spicy bean paste on it (called Ssamjang), then pile on a little bit of everything on top. I roll everything up in the lettuce leaf and then shove the whole thing in my mouth, which I am sure makes me look like a chipmunk!
Who wants to come to my house for dinner? Ha ha!