Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Night means time to go to the Soju Bar!

Oh man, what a long week!!! As a reward for making it through the first week of a new semester's classes, we teachers at Poly got together with the LCI ladies and got our Soju on!!!! We all managed to get a bit tipsy but that's what Friday night is all about, right?

Some yummy Fruit Loops at the Soju bar

Katie getting her awesome on

Katie and I at the beginning of the night.
Jay and Grace. Jay is making such an awesome face here!
Grace looking pretty!
Nice candid photo of Lindsay and David
Katie pouring some kiwi flavored soju
More candid photos
Katie and I taking photos of taking photos cause we are cool like that.
Katie loves her closeups!

We got ourselves a nice little party hat from the guy at the table next to us. With a party hat, it can be your birthday everyday! I like Katie and Sara pictures, by the way, because she and I are the queens of ridiculous poses. Fun!
Pretend birthday girls!
Lindsay modeling her latest edition of perfume. Very limited edition and extra fancy.
The girls at McDonlads after the bar. Oh look! They found a shot glass in Kelly's purse!
Kelly is uh...... Tired.