Monday, September 22, 2008

Places I Like in Suji

I decided to take more photos around Suji cause all of this stuff will be boring to me in a few more weeks, right? All of the areas of Suji I can walk to make me take note of how small and boring the city actually is. There are a whole lot of Woori Banks, Paris Baguettes, PC Bangs galore, and a whole mess of barbers and sea food places with plastic tables in front. Oh well, I like it that way, right?!
How cool does Suji look from the rooftop of a high rise apartment building? The smokestacks in the center are right near my house. The little tiny buildings in front of the smokestacks are the area where tons of foreigners live. They are not particularly nice compared to what everyone else lives in but they are nicer than most of the apartments in Iowa City I ever lived in. I think my tiny, ghetto apartment is cute!

Skin Food, my favorite cosmetics and skin care store. They also have Skin Food inside Lotte but I prefer this location cause some of the girls there speak English and are super nice and helpful. You gotta go where you get good service, right?

This is the salon where I got my hair cut at. I thought it was a pretty hip little salon. All of the stylists there are cute and young and the salon has cool decor inside. Plus, everyone coming out of there had some pretty bangin' hair so it has to be good, right? They cut my hair and styled it for $10 bucks and I love my cut! Better than getting your hair cut inside of the grocery store (a.k.a. Lotte Mart)!!!

This bike looked really cool and weather worn so I took a photo of it.

The devil himself must have had me in mind when he put this Dunkin Donuts a block away from the school I work at. The coffee tastes just as amazing and kind of greasy as back home and the donuts are sinfully good. Plus, they have amazing chewy donuts and weird flavors such as mango, cappichino, and green tea. I love green tea flavored anything! Worse yet and not pictured is the Baskin Robbins right next to the Dunkin Donuts. They have green tea ice cream, and my new favorite, pistachio almond ice cream. To die for!

When I first saw that massive sign with two black kids with super ghetto haircuts and the Hangol thought bubbles above them, I nearly peed my pants laughing. I have only seen maybe one or two black people total so far in the month or so I have been in Korea. One of them is in the foreigner area, Itaewon, so he basically didn't count. What in God's name was the Korean barber thinking when he decided to advertise for his salon with a giant photo of some black kids with super ethnic looking cuts? Dreadlocks and 'fros with racing stripes shaved on the side? I am pretty sure these styles are non-existant in Korea. I am puzzled by this one I must say.
Sup my homie? Wanna go eat some kimchi and play World of Warcraft at a PC Bang or do you just wanna admire our totally awesome hair-do's somemore?

Some days, it's the random weird things that makes living here most rewarding, I think.