Friday, September 19, 2008

Poly Sports Day and My Super Cute Preschoolers

On Thursday, Poly School had a sports day for the Kindergardeners and Preschoolers. The kids were all super excited and dressed in their adorable matching Poly tshirts and yellow sweatpants. It was incredibly hot out so I spend most of the time in the shade and alot of the kids did too! The kids all brought snacks galore so they spent the majority of thier morning on the benches stuffing their faces with candy, chips, and cookies. Korean kids love their junk food!

Victor is sooo cute and tiny!

Sarah is kind of a handful sometimes but cute as a button!
Sean and Victor, my little ringleaders. Those boys are connected at the hip and always ready to get into trouble. Sean is the biggest boy in my class and worlds ahead of his classmates. Victor is just tiny and sweet, but also naughty and quite the handful at times.
The yellow Poly backpacks. I love Sarah's little identification tag with her picture on it. Trying for the innocent and sweet look, eh?
Victor is a sweaty boy! Look at those cool New Balances he wears!!! Stars and stripes, baby!
Victor plays hard!

My Poly kids and I on the bus. Amy and one of the kindergardeners going to town on the candy.
Some of the kindergardeners snacking out.
Sarah caught a dragonfly!
Look at those pigtails!

David getting a big drink of water.
Hula hooping Poly kids!
One of the kindergardeners, Catherine. I think she is really cute with her curly hair.

Lindsay Teacher is team red!!!

My preschoolers on the turf.

Aram Teacher looking miserable in the heat.
Brave gulping his water.
Brave's cool Bart Simpson slip-ons.
Brave, my little bruiser. That kid is always quick to punch and hit all of the other kids. He is such a stocky little boy and always grumpy and loud. But cute too, huh?
David and Alice getting a snack.

The girls trying to catch bugs.
Alice and Sarah getting a drink. Those girls didn't even break a sweat! Ha ha!
Alice giving me a cheesy smile.
Amy in the visor going for some of Catherine's snacks.
Look at those wild pants!