Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Times and Old Friends

I had an amazing day yesterday hanging out with an old friend from college! I met my friend Jin at University of Iowa because we both worked at the Museum of Natural History together. Jin was from Korea and was soo quiet when she first started at the museum, but soon enough, she picked up soo much English skill that you couldn't shut her up! Gotta love the girl!

So anyway, when I came to Korea, I tried to look her up but had no luck. Thanks to Facebook, Jin found me! Yesterday, I met up with her in Seoul and had an excellent time catching up about ourselves, and talking about old museum buddies. Jin cooked me super yummy curry and made me hot tea. And guess what? Jin is married and pregnant with a little girl! After lunch, Jin was a bit tired so we watched "Get Smart" and waited for her husband to get home. He is such a super nice husband to her. He helps her all the time since she is having a difficult time with pregnancy. Mainly nausea. He even has to do all of the dishes because the smells make her sick! What a sweetheart!

We all went to Meungdong and ate at this delicious Japanese pancake restaurant. There, they mix up all of this sea food and veggies into a batter and cook it for you on the grill at your table. It is sooooo delicious! I have to try to remember where this place is so I can take someone else to this place someday. The great thing about having a pregnant friend is that you know you will never go hungry when hanging out with her! After dinner, she wanted Coldstone and I sure couldn't complain about that! Yum!

I also did a decent amount of shopping yesterday evening. Of course! What else would you do in Meungdong?!?! I went to the Onitsuka Tiger store and picked up the limited edition Tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger shoes that I had been eying forever. I got the last pair and they were just my size- 7 1/2!!!!!!!! Hell yes! What amazing luck! And, the shoes came with a free plushie tiger guy:)

I also stopped in at American Apparel, as I was craving some comfortable clothing that actually fits! I made a wise choice and bought a new hoodie, as my old purple one is pretty ragged at this point. I bought the trendy Acid Washed California Zip Up Hoodie in purple, of course!

My last stop was the super awesome store "Aland." This store is several stories high and full of up scale trendy and cute men and women's clothing and flea market finds. I love it! They carry lots of Cheap Monday denim and overall, I would say the store reminds me more or less of an upscale Urban Outfitters. My eye was caught by an amazing but simple red leather purse. I toyed with the purse a bit and examined its features but decided to come back for it after I was finished looking. Big mistake!

When I went back for it, some girl was trying it on and examining it closely. She was with the purse forever and I was sure she was going to buy it. Finally, she set it down and walked away a bit so I snatched it up! I adore this purse and I think it was the perfect find- exactly the purse I have been searching for! I have been wanting the perfect red purse for ages now!