Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jungle Kitty Wants Sushi

This weekend, I went to the Ewha Women's University and did some shopping in the area. I think I have a new favorite place to shop around! And the area is very woman friendly- as soon as you get off of the subway, the population seems to be ALL women! Ha ha!

The shopping streets are all pedestrian only alleys that twist and wind around. Unlike the entire rest of the city of Seoul, there are actually places for men to buy clothing too! Bet they sell alot to the boyfriends that come visit their girlfriends at the university.

Some of the shops are extremely tiny- about the size of my bedroom, or in some cases, the entire boutique is about the size of a hallway! Sheesh! Also, there is a fantastic San-X store and a specialty toy store that carries many Japanese import items. I love it!

I bought these blind boxed sushi sets from the San-X store. They are soo tiny and adorable and realistic looking. At the toy store that carried Japanese imports, I picked up a different food miniature blind box- Mickey Mouse Cafe foods! How cool is that?

And finally, I got an adorable jungle Hello Kitty set, where each tanned kitty is dressed as a warrior or cave man. On the bottom of the box was writing that said "for sale in Japan only." I love import items!