Thursday, November 13, 2008

Korean Cross Stitch and Christmas Stickers!!!!

I have fallen in love with the little stationary shops here that are about as big as a bedroom and crammed from head to toe with adorable pencils, erasers, stickers, candy, gifts, and toys. These little shops are sooo colorful, and since their target market is children, most of the items are super cheap- like $1 or $2. Here are some things I picked up the other night when I was in the mood for some cheap thrills.

Cross Stitch kit- 500 Won (50 cents)

Dress Up Fashion stickers 200 Won (20 cents)

Little Girl Cross Stitch Kit 500 Won (50 cents)

My Melody Chirstmas glittery stickers 1,000 Won ($1)

More My Melody Stickers.....

I really don't mind being the oldest shopper at these little stores! Too much fun!