Sunday, November 23, 2008

COEX Mania!

After my dentist appointment on Saturday morning, I thought "To hell with it!" And so I went ahead and hopped on the subway alone for an afternoon of exploring around the COEX mall. The mall is the largest shopping mall in Korea and is connected directly to the Samseong Station and above is the Korean World Trade Center and a huge convention center. The mall also contains a huge aquarium, the Kimchi Field Museum, and a huge 16-screen Multi-Plex Movie Theatre.

After riding a super crowded subway for 45 minutes standing up the whole way, my little sniffly nose had turned into a sneezing, coughing mess so I knew my day of fun was pretty limited. Luckily, the whole thing is indoors and underground so I didn't even have to bear any cold weather! Ha ha!

Most Koreans here wear face masks when they get sick to guard others from their illness. Since I was completely and obviously ill, I felt kind of bad and deserving of the dirty looks I would receive while blowing my nose or sneezing. Eh. I don't feel whole to blame for getting sick, seeing as most Koreans (including adults) never wash thier hands after going to the restrooms, spit all over the place, and insist on having every door and window in the building open, even though it is negative degrees outside. And I work with thier germy little kids. Should I be wholey to blame? I am going to go with NO!

So anyway, I did some things to cheer me up while there! I ate a really good hamburger at CRAZE BURGER. Sooo good! I had heard about the place online so I decided to go for it. The little restaurant was all filled up so I decided to get my order To-Go thinking that I could head up to the food court and eat it there. Well, I got to the food court and it was under construction so I had no other option besides eat the burger while sitting on a bench. Apparently Koreans don't eat on benches cause I was attracting lots of looks. Maybe the burger just looked delicious and they wanted one?

There are some really awesome stationary shops there that I was just going crazy over. Everything they carry is super cute and amazing and I had to resist buying the whole store out. I did, however, pick up a super sweet DIY Lego Calender. How cool is that? And, I found the Kinki Robot kiosk while there and picked up a Tokidoki Cactus Pup and a few more of the adorable zipper pulls that I love so much.

Did I mention the Hello Kitty Chuck Taylor style shoes that I picked up at the Sanrio store? Score!!! So perfectly adorable and only 13,000 won!

One of the cute zipper pull guys I got. Isn't he cute?!

The sweet box for my Tokidoki Cactus Pup. I swear, I am worse than a kid when it comes to toys!

The best stickers I think I have ever got! These little googly eyed guys can make pretty much anything adorable.

I had to use the cutest ones on my Nintendo DS. Adorable!

Um, I found this at a children's toy store and was thinking "WTF!?"
Drug Freak?! Obviously the kid who is carrying this around has to be pretty clueless.

A cute card I picked up at one of the fantastic stationary shops at the COEX.

From Japan comes Smery and Friends, the nose plugging guy that closely resembles tofu.

The remainder of my weekend has been spent nursing my cold so that I can be capable of teaching come tomorrow morning. Uh!