Sunday, November 16, 2008

Germ Blaster

Lately, I have been working less hours which means I am far less stressed out and actually able to enjoy teaching my students. Having 12 preschoolers has actually been a bit of a blessing, as the class seems to be more structured now and the kids are all more social because they have more choices for friends. In general, I am feeling much more confident about teaching and generally have awesome days full of surprises!

Since cold season is upon us, I have been especially concerned with germs and trying to keep healthy. My sniffling, sneezing, booger-picking kids seem to be culprit #1 for sickness so I have been using hand sanitizer in class "Germ Blaster." Now, if only I could get the kids to wash their grimy hands once in a while!

So I devised a clever scheme to get the kids to use it sometimes too. The conversation goes as follows:

"Teacher, what's that?"
"This? It is called Germ Blaster."
"What are germs?"
"Germs are bad things that can make you sick. Germ Blaster kills the bad germs."
"Can I have some?"
"No, no. I don't think so."
"It is only for the teacher."
"OK, I guess so. Here you go!"

And there you have it! I tricked the kids into using Germ Blaster, the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer that will save us all from sickness and chicken pox! One first grader named Ed cracks me up. He is all about the germ blaster and said he wanted to kill all the germs in the classroom. When I gave him some hand sanitizer, he rubbed it on his arm, legs, face, and HAIR just to be sure all the germs were dead! Ha, ha! Then, he started rubbing the chair and the walls too so he could kill all the germs in the whole world! Pure comedy!