Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clarence Teeeecha's Birthday at Exit

Going to Exit is always a good ol' time here in Suji. Instead of crappy Korean music, you can listen to crappy American music. And instead of dancing with a bunch of self-conscious 2-stepping Koreans, you get to dance with a bunch of inebriated Westerners who could make Britney Spears blush with thier moves.

In honor of Clarence's birthday (some age over 30 I think), we all drank and got merry at the white people bar in Suji. Special thanks to Lindsay for making the bar look festive as hell with all of the balloons and party hats and whatnot. I must say, we all had a fantastic time!

Elenor and I snuggling up.

E.V. and I looking fantastic earlier in the night.

Me feeding my balloon boyfriend a Budweiser.

Clarence looking down lovingly at his baby.

Lindsay is happy to pose with my new friend!

The parrrr-tay crew.

Wooo! Hoooo! Party favors galore!

Lindsay looking rad with her blue party favor and blue balloons.

Larry, its not your birthday!

Katie and Sydney getting down.

Bring it on, John!!!

John and Suyeon playing around.

Elenor and I hanging out again.

Looking pretty together.


Oh boy!!!!

The guys getting tipsy!

Grace and Jay hanging out.

The aftermath.