Sunday, October 5, 2008

Girly Tourism in Seoul

Going through the day's photos, I realized that tons of my photos from today are extremely girly! Anes and I managed to take photos only in the most cute and colorful places in Seoul. What a fun day! The weather today was perfect and the "Hi, Seoul!" festival has been going on all around the city. Seoul is so clean and well cared for - you can definitely tell its citizens take pride and have much love for thier city.

I love LOVE and this picture demonstrates it!

Anes totally out-cuted me and made her hands into a heart! Aww!

Showing more love, especially for that fantastic little waterfall behind me. How pretty!

Anes and I got turned innocent bystanders into makeshift personal photographers for the day! Well worth it, cause the photos turned out awesome.

Rainbow umbrellas in the air!

Jumping up high for my umbrella!

I am sooo having a Mary Tyler Moore moment here!

Anes and I in a space age bubble. Ooooh!

I am sitting pretty in a frame:)

Anes striking a pose in the photo frame.

Dalki, the strawberry girl and I sharing secrets.

Anes is petting Dalki's cute and gigantic strawberry head.

Dalki and I go waaaaay back!

LOVE- I am lovin' it!