Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Preschoolers and Parent Day at Poly

I took some photos of my kids to hang on the walls of the classroom for parent day. Parent day was kind of nerve-wracking!!! Every parent had something to say about their baby and it was kind of like "Yeah, OK, will do...." So basically, I have to make sure one kid gets extra attention, and at the same time, I have to be sure another is not crying, and one is working faster, and I have to entertain a few so they are not bored, and then my new girl only knows maybe 10 words in English so I always have to help her.... ALL AT THE SAME TIME ALL BY MYSELF!!! Yeah, OK. Some days its like the second I go to help one, 2 others get out of their seat and start messing around. I get them to sit down, and then one starts crying. I go to see what is wrong and then of course, they all start getting out of their seats and start running around again. Pure comedy. I would like to see one of the moms come in there and teach a class on 9 squirming, squealing, squeaking balls of energy. My goodness!!

Amy, Alice, and Jenny hanging out in class.