Sunday, October 5, 2008

Found! Vintage Korean pop cultural artifacts!

My new friend Anes and I spent the day in Seoul and wandered into a super hip little shop in Insadong's Ssamziegil shopping arcade. Score! I found my first vintage anything and all of the kitchy cute stuff at the store brightened my day! Don't worry, all of this solid gold I have been striking here in Korea is not always all for me- there is a good chance I may share some of my treasures if you are nice!

A blonde and a brunette striking a pose
anime style in this cute little poster.
Maybe this was made in the 80's?
Cute, eh?

I like that she is dropping her hamburgers
all over the place and they are
dancing around on the ground.

Even the bag the little shop used to
stuff my vintage goods into was pretty sweet.
The packaging was chip bags sealed
off into a new form.

Retro looking Korean paper dolls.
These girls might be fair skinned blondes,
but their paper doll clothes are 100% Korean!

The pixie sticks might have expired
in 2003, but we ate them anyhoo and
they were really good!

Some crazy pogs or something with
army guys on 'em. Pogs! Strangely enough,
kids here still play with pogs. OH YEAH.