Saturday, October 11, 2008

LCD Soundsystem at Club Mass in Kangnam

Pure excitement!!! Lindsay and I had a long, crazy night in Kangnam for the LCD Soundsystem show. We dolled ourselves up after work and cabbed it to Jungja to meet up with some friends for the show. Oh man, it felt soo good to be out of my teacher clothes and on my way to a night at the club! Lindsay and I were totally pumped!!!!!!

About 10 of us left from Jungja by cab to Kangnam. Club Mass is super nice and right in the trendy neighborhood near American Apparel. I was way impressed with how nice it was. Like the outside has a red carpet and the exterior wall is metal with LCD lighting that changes and flashes. All of the security were in suits with red bow ties and inside, the entry was all mirrored walls and lights with balloons hanging from the ceiling.

Even with all of this glamour, I was still a bit disappointed. We had bought tickets before hand so we should have gotten right in and treated as VIPs but instead, they made everyone who had bought tickets in advance stand in a massive line that led all the way out the door. Meanwhile, people who didn't already have tickets go right in. Basically, clubs look cool if there is a line in front so they used us as advertising to make the club look popular. And people who hadn't paid got right in cause if they had to wait in line, they might go to another club. Totally bogus, if you ask me!

We had a very late night and danced until about 5 a.m. The club was packed with lots of trendy foreigners and uber-hip Koreans in heals and mini dresses. I danced until my legs felt like they were going to fall off and my ears are ringing all day today but it was a good time and I am up for going back for another show agian soon, but maybe not at Club Mass seeing as their entry policy really made me angry!!!

Lindsay started a revolution by being the first one to get on the stage and start dancing!
Seeing double, are we? The lighting was pretty nuts with all the flashing and whatnot.

A picture from the STAGE at during the LCD Soundsystem set.

Shiny disco balls everywhere!
The Coco Boys came out to perform all muscular and oiled up and scantily clad in white pleather underwear and knee high go-go boots. Oh, and birthday cake hats and lite-sabers too!
Oh my goodness!

An insane drag queen came out to sing with the most massive wig I have ever seen and the tallest go-go boots I have ever seen as well!!!!!

Isn't she PRETTY? Ha ha!

Ahhhh, what a night!